Brand-new RIBA Books are here!

BIG NEWS! We've got a brand-new collection of books published by RIBA on our shelves at the RIAS Bookshop! 

It's a wide range covering a number of architectural themes, such as urban design, sustainability, conservation and building services. There are also a number of guides and books suitable for students and children. 

Here's a small selection of them for you to peruse... 


Radical Housing: Designing Multi-Generational and Co-Living Housing for All

by Caroline Dove - £40.00 - CLICK HERE 


energy/people/buildings Making Sustainable Architecture Work
by Judit Kimpian, Hattie Hartman, Sofie Pelsmakers - £45.00 - CLICK HERE


New Life in Public Squares
by Marie Burns - £40.00 - CLICK HERE 


Think Like An Architect: How to develop critical, creative and collaborative problem-solving skills
by Randy Deutsch - £32.00 - CLICK HERE 


Colour and Create Architecture Georgie Finds a New Home
by Nerea Bermejo Olaizola - £9.99 - CLICK HERE


You can find all books from this new collection individually on the RIAS Bookshop website in the Books collection here: