New Contracts: SBCC Constructing Excellence Contracts and Guide


The Scottish Building Contracts Committee (SBCC) has released two new contracts and guide that are now available to purchase in print copy through the RIAS Bookshop:

Constructing Excellence Contract for use in Scotland 2019

Constructing Excellence Project Team Agreement for use in Scotland 2019

Constructing Excellence Contract Guide for use in Scotland 2019

The new SBCC 2019 editions of this contract and guide supersede the 2014 versions.

The SBCC produces building contracts and guides designed to meet the needs of the construction industry in Scotland. They are based on JCT contracts but compliant with Scottish law and practice.

For more information on these contracts and guide, or to purchase them please visit the product pages of our website:

CE/Scot 2019

CE/P/Scot 2019

CE/G/Scot 2019