Archilab Europe - strategic architecture takes on Europe like a huge laboratory.

INTERREG. the financing program, whose goal is to reinforce economic and social coherance, grants an unusual layout to the European Union.

In this context what are the strategies used by the European Union as regards regional develement? Cross-border, cross-nation, inter-regional cooperation draws up original geo-political outlines.

Europe offers itself up in this way as a place for the experimentation of new 'strategic architecture' the motives of which are important to consider. Which programs are taking place today and in what way do they take into consideration innovation and the transformation of our way of life? Has Europe undertaken a perspective regarding the environment, the co-efficiency of the architecture, of the integral or participant urban model? How are questions linked to the ageing population and demographic dip tackled? Here Europe is grasped as a dynamic body, subjected to re-animation, implantation and polymerization processes.