The DB16 Project Pack for the Employer/Employers Agent is a completely up-to-date set of contract administration forms specifically produced for use with the JCT Design and Build Contract 2016. The Pack is tailor-made to work with the DB16 contracts and contain a comprehensive selection and sufficient quantity of forms all prepared in a clearly laid out and easy-to-use format to administer a project under the contract.

The DB16 Project Pack contains:

Interim Payment Application (12 copies)

Statement of Retention (12 copies)

Statement of Reimbursement of Advance Payment (12 copies)

Notification of Adjustment of Completion Date (2 copies)

Non-Completion Notice (2 copies)

Practical Completion Statement (2 copies)

Section Completion Statement (8 copies)

Notice of Completion of Making Good (2 copies)

Final Certificate (2 copies)