Access by Design

Access by Design

George A Covington and Bruce Hannah
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"Our individual disability becomes a handicap only when we encounter a barrier."
George Covington, Co–author

"Why not consider designing for your lifetime, not just your primetime?"
Jane Langmiur, Architect

"Universal design is good design because it is design for the user and not design for the designer."
Marc Harrison, IDSA, Professor, Rhode Island School of Design

"The issue is not so much, ‘what a great idea!,’ as how did we get it wrong for so long?" Geoff Hollington, Universal Designer, Geoff Hollington Associates

"It’s a way of thinking; a new ingredient to design education and professional practice that can become a catalyst for invigorating our design sensibilities." Bill Palmer, Architect, Hellmuth, Obata, & Kassabaum, Inc.

"A designed object, product, building, or landscape earns the term Universal Design only if, in its final built state, it works properly in one form for everyone." Kevin Owens, Director of Product Development for Play/Designs & Playworld Systems



Author: George A Covington and Bruce Hannah

Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold

Format: Paperback

Pages: N/A

ISBN: 9780442021269

Publication Date: 1997