Construction Companion to Building Surveys (Construction Companion Series)

Construction Companion to Building Surveys (Construction Companion Series)

Mike Hoxley
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'Building Surveys' by Mike Hoxley introduces the core knowledge and essential skills needed to perform building surveys. By concentrating on the private homes sector, already the source of most surveying work in the UK (and set to generate even more work as a result of the current Homes Bill), Hoxley describes a generic set of procedures based on up-to-date information and vast practical experience. Frequently confused terms are authoritatively defined before taking the reader through the steps needed to conduct a professional building survey. At every stage the reader is warned about the consequences of missing a step with the help of potted case studies and valuable tips and hints. From taking instructions and agreeing terms of engagement to the crucial business of report writing and everything in between, this book is a perfect primer for construction professionals about the expanding business of building surveys.


Author: Mike Hoxley

Publisher: RIBA Publications

Format: Paperback

Pages: 152

ISBN: 9781859460917

Publication Date: March 2002