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Issue #6 ”Rules of Play” has once againlet us slow down, escape, listen and talk about what is important, the product of these conversations allows an exploration of what really are the rules of play. Contained with in its pages are articles, poems, illustrations on: Downtown Divertissement – Deviation- Alasdair Gray’s Lanark – Move 37 – Insurgent Architecture – Body-more Murdaland – Eyes On – The Architecture of Patriarchy – Risk in Play – Bleeding Permeability – Young Citizen Survey – Kitchen Crumbs – Displacement in Signage – Riding the Pink Lane – Extract from a dialogue concerning the companions of Lawrence Oswald – Nocturnal Playtime- Right to Space – Memory Landscapes – In Orbit – One step after another…

Contributors: Frances Driscoll, Tayyeb Jilani, Olivia Hingley, Michelle Wang, Felix Wilson, Sarah Kemali, Matilda Taylor, Miharu Yamaguchi, Michael Becker, Alex Abadjieva, Hohgun Choi, Lenka Hanulova, Karolina Krajcikova, Eleanor Collin, Jonna Idsater, Lucia Olavari, Sara Sako, Silja Glomb, Laura Haylock, Millie Riddle, Kitty O’Loan, Daniel Gregson, Carley Wootton, Cecile Ngoc Suong Perdu, Sonnie Carlebach, Jemima Brakspear, Abrisham Ahmadzadeh, Theodore Shack

Crumble is a collection of spirited, open-minded students and professionals keen to enliven the conversation about architecture. Based in Edinburgh, we’ve set up a bi-annual magazine that aims to promote interdisciplinary understanding of architecture and place. It provides a platform for people of all backgrounds and disciplines to publish articles and artwork that explore concerns about the future of our surroundings from a local to a global scale. The magazine gives those ideas reach within and beyond the university through public distribution.


Publisher: Crumble Press

Format: Paperback/ Magazine

Pages: 47

ISBN: 9772514476008

Publication Date: Summer 2021