John Buchan, Iain W.D. Forde (Translator)
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John Buchan came from Perth, and was an outstanding example of the ‘lad o pairts’. Educated at Glasgow and Oxford Universities, a Member of Parliament, a lawyer, Director of a printing house – Nelson’s – and eventually the Governor-General of Canada, with the title of Baron Tweedsmuir.

He also wrote a good number of books of adventure, biography and history, no doubt helped by the work he did during the First World War as Director of Information in the Services.

As well as all this, he wrote poetry in Scots and many of his characters in the novels spoke Scots. If he had not worked for the British Empire he might have written more in Scots, and maybe ‘Huntingtower’ would have adopted the language of his native country, Scots, and looked something like this book.


Author: John Buchan, Iain W.D. Forde (Translator)

Publisher: Fons Scotiae

Format: Paperback

Pages: 226

ISBN: 9780955910562

Publication Date: 1922