Designed for Habitat: New Directions for Habitat for Humanity

Designed for Habitat: New Directions for Habitat for Humanity

David Hinson & Justin Miller
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Designed for Habitat: New Directions for Habitat for Humanity presents 12 new projects designed and built via collaborations between architects and Habitat for Humanity®.

The ways in which we think about affordable housing are being challenged by designers and not-for-profit housing advocates such as Habitat for Humanity and its affiliates. The projects chronicled in this book consider home affordability through the lens of monthly homeownership expenses, energy efficiency and residential energy use, and issues of designed resilience to natural events ranging from aging and accessibility concerns to natural disasters and climate change. New to this edition, the projects reflect new approaches to building scale, construction technology, energy and affordability, and design and context. Illustrated with over 100 color images, the case studies include detailed plans and photographs to show how these projects came about, the strategies used by each team to approach the design and construction process, and the obstacles they overcame to realize a successful outcome.

The lessons and insights presented will be a valuable resource, whether you’re an architect, an architecture student, a Habitat affiliate leader, or an affordable housing advocate.


Authors: David Hinson & Justin Miller

Publisher: Routledge

Format: Paperback

Pages: 214

ISBN: 9781032182285

Publication Date: June 2023