The Modern House

The Modern House

Jonathan Bell
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With images of yet to be seen interiors and restorations, The Modern House illuminates the convergent characteristics of functionalism, truth to materials, flowing space and natural light within the Modern home as a space for living. These specially British Modernisms include such progressive experiments on communal urban living as London's Isokon Building, completed in 1934 by eminent architect Wells Coates, and Berthold Lubetkin's High Point also built in the 1930s in London which is today considered one of the most prominent examples of the early International Style.

Compared with these urban enormities are private houses, such as the Laslett House in Cambridge, originally built for the professor Peter Laslett in 1958 by the architect Trevor Dannatt, or the Winter House, designed by John Winter as his own residence.

Including an extended introductory essay by acclaimed architectural journalist Jonathan Bell, former architecture editor for Wallpaper* and contributing editor at BlueprintThe Modern House is in part the narrative of how some of the most important examples of Modern houses were commissioned and built in the UK. Features those designed by renowned architect Carl Turner, responsible for the low energy Slip House, a cantilevered sculptural abode of translucent glass, steel and concrete which was awarded the RIBA Manser Medal for the best house in the UK in 2013.


    Author: Jonathan Bell

    Publisher: Artifice books on architecture

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 160

    ISBN: 9781908967725

    Publication Date: April 2016