Locus of the City

Locus of the City

Karen Forbes and Gordon Brennan
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The city is both a theater of collective events and individual stories. Whether in this city or another, how do you experience the spaces which you encounter every day? Edinburgh is a city of extremes, sharp polarities of light and darkness. It carries vivid connotations of history and gnarled experience. Yet, as with any city, familiarity can breed, if not contempt, a sense of being anesthetized to what makes it unique. "Locus of the City" examines the potential of the Grassmarket - an area in the heart of Edinburgh - in terms of its narratives and visual codes, to define its past, current and future state. Looking at the city from numerous perspectives - the geologist, architectural historian, museum curator, architect, minister, astronomer, artist, lawyer, inhabitant - it places these perceptions within a multi-layered matrix which is embodied in the site.Including new commissioned artwork, this innovative book is about seeing afresh the interconnections and meanings of place and context. Handsome and intriguing, mixing up urban photography, performance documentation and outsider art, not only is this title a must for devotees of Scotland's storied capital, but for anyone with an interest in urban perception.


    Author: Karen Forbes and Gordon Brennan

    Publisher: Edinburgh College of Art 

    Format: Hardback

    Pages: 120

    ISBN: 9781904443148

    Publication date: January 2008