McCullough Mulvin - Architecture 2004-2015

McCullough Mulvin - Architecture 2004-2015

Alfonso Diaz, Ricardo Meri de la Maza
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Founded by Valerie Mulvin and Niall McCullough, McCullough Mulvin Architects working in cultural buildings and public works in Ireland, with the premise of defining a new public profile in a changing society , working with diffused light and severe Irish materiality. His practice is focused on very specific contexts , making a multilayer architecture with sublimated references reflecting the specific response to the place and context , to the configuration of modern interventions in existing buildings, open in materials research and the forms , which can occur at any scale. His work also extends to residential construction and urban projects, and extended in publications and research papers.


Author: Alfonso Diaz, Ricardo Meri de la Maza

Publisher: General de Ediciones de Arquitectura

Format: Paperback


ISBN: 9788494347542

Publication Date: 2015