Metrolab: Metropolitan Design as a New Discipline

Metrolab: Metropolitan Design as a New Discipline

Roland Krebs & Stefan Mayr (editors)
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Today's cities are growing rapidly, creating heterogeneous urban fabrics that cross administrative and political borders. To meet the challenges of our time, a new cross-sectoral, multi-level and people-centered planning apporach is needed. Metropolitan planning is therefore essential to contemporary planning practice and culture and must take into account the potential of both urban and rural spaces.
This publication introduces the new discipline of metropolitan design by sharing innovative and international knowledge of interconnected mobility, balanced growth, resilient landscapes and integrated programming of metropolitan regions. Through collaboration and active participation, MetroLab provides tools to develop future-proof and highly liveable city regions.


    Editors: Roland Krebs & Stefan Mayr 

    Publisher: Jovis

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 352

    ISBN: 9783986120115

    Publication Date: April 2023