Sustainable Place: A Place of Sustainable Development

Sustainable Place: A Place of Sustainable Development

Christine Phillips
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This landmark publication examines the need for establishing a universal framework for assessing the sustainability of a place that can be used for any place, in any part of the world.

Using two case studies of two towns (San Gimignano, Italy and Ludlow, England) as a backdrop, the book examines their distinctive features and develops a framework for assessing their energy and environmental capabilities in light of their social, economic, political and cultural prerequisites. Discussion includes such key aspects of sustainability as geological formation, climate, external dependencies, communication and infrastructure, historical heritage, community and permanence of population.

  • Includes the author's own annotated drawings that complement the text.
  • Examines the background and current state of sustainability and provides practical examples of assessments of specific localities
  • Based on the author's own research



Author: Christine Phillips

Publisher: Wiley-Academy

Format: Paperback

Pages: 232

ISBN: 9780470847404

Publication Date: 11 April 2003