The New Mathematics of Architecture

The New Mathematics of Architecture

Jane Burry and Mark Burry
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This one-of-a-kind survey of 46 international projects, compiled and written by leading experts on architectural mathematics, offers a thorough overview of how recent developments in maths and physics are being applied to architecture. This carefully researched book offers students and practitioners new ways of thinking about the future of designing and building. Each of the 46 projects, largely built, are by globally recognized architects, presented through specially drawn illustrations and plans, photographs and texts. Chapter introductions and case studies include cross-references to a complete illustrated glossary, which further elaborates on mathematical concepts introduced in the text.


    Author: Jane Burry and Mark Burry

    Publisher: Thames & Hudson 

    Format: Hardback

    Pages: 272

    ISBN: 9780500342640

    Publication Date: November 2010