Vicens + Ramos: Twenty Years

Vicens + Ramos: Twenty Years

Ignacio Vicens and Jose Antonio Ramos
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The architecture of Vicens and Ramos holds a privileged position within the Spanish architecture of the last few years, due to their outstanding resolution of the architectural project. Each project has posed a creative challenge for them that has resulted in unique works, with great pedagogical value for other architects. In this monograph, a selection of their most emblematic work is shown, including Las Matas, Faculty at the University of Navarra, the Church at Rivas and Coliseum of the Three Cultures among others. The project documentation is exceptionally thorough, with plans and images of all sections, from many angles. There is also an interview with Ignacio Vicens, writings from friends and colleagues, and images that reflect the professional and human aspects of this architect and professor at the Architecture School in Madrid. In English and Spanish, this book is of a seriously high standard.


Author: Ignacio Vicens and Jose Antonio Ramos 

Publisher: Editorial Pencil S.L.

Format: Hardback

Pages: 456

ISBN: 9788493514587

Publication Date: June 2007