Which Contract? (4th Edition)

Which Contract? (4th Edition)

Sarah Lupton, Stanley Cox, Hugh Clamp
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The indispensable Which Contract? Fourth Edition is the most up-to-date and reliable comparative analysis of the burgeoning number of standard forms of building contract currently available in the UK. Ever since its first publication in 1989, architects and other construction professionals have been turning to Which Contract? for guidance on what procurement strategies to adopt and how to identify the most appropriate contract for a given set of circumstances. It has now been updated to take account of the latest editions of all the recognised standard forms, particularly the JCT and NEC forms, while its introductory chapters have been substantially revised to reflect changes in the contemporary contract procurement landscape. Architects today practise in many different ways, from those in consortia engaged on PFI schemes through to sole consultants working on small domestic projects. Many will be using standard forms of contract, and often the frequently difficult choice of which rests with the lead consultant. Fortunately, Which Contract? explains the tried and trusted techniques for selecting the kind of contract to use and a contract-by-contract analysis, grouped by type and organised to facilitate comparison, makes the actual choice much simpler. The final chapter sketches out some problem scenarios and suggests possible contractual approaches. Which Contract? Fourth Edition is an invaluable desktop companion to be turned to at the start of every new project and is recommended to any professional whose clients expect him or her to know the contemporary procurement landscape inside out. Similarly, its straightforward plain English approach makes it ideal for architecture and other construction students preparing for their professional examinations.

Author: Sarah Lupton, Stanley Cox, Hugh Clamp

Publisher: RIBA Publishing

Format: Paperback

Pages: 344

ISBN: 9781859462379

Publication Date: July 2007