A Passion for Castles

On the 29th of March 2023 we held an event to discuss author Janet Brennan-Inglis' book 'A Passion for Castles', hosted by President of the Edinburgh Architectural Association - Joanne McCelland. 
'The first part of A Passion for Castles tells the life stories of David MacGibbon and Thomas Ross and their work as Edinburgh architects before they embarked on their magisterial survey.'

The second part of the book sets their enormously ambitious castles project in its historical context , and describes how MacGibbon and Ross managed to achieve  their pioneering , systematic and comprehensive survey. 
The final part of the book provides a regional summary of the current status of castles survey, followed by a thematic exploration of those that have been lost, those that have been transformed and those at risk of collapse , before posing questions about what the future holds for the castles of Scotland. 
It was great to open our doors to customers, members and friends and welcome them into our beautiful building. The discussion prompted excellent questions and important conversations about the records of our national history contained in these old castles and prompted thought provoking discussions around the manners and customs of our ancestors as well as what the future holds for the castles of Scotland. 
‘A Passion for Castles’ is available to purchase at the special price of £35 here
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