Superseded Contracts



If you are looking for older versions of Building contracts, including RIAS Forms of Appointment and SBCC Contracts, we can source many of these for you. Please note that superseded contracts should not be used for new projects, it is always recommended to use the up to date version of a contract for current projects. 

Examples of archive contracts available: 

RIAS Forms of Appointment:

SCA/2014 (2015 Rev) - Scottish Conditions of Appointment of an Architect
ASP/2015 SCA - Small Project Version
SCA/S-C/2015 - Scottish Sub-Consultant Form of Appointment
DBC/2015 - Design & Build Contractor Client Version
DBE/2015 - Design & Build Employer Client Version


389 SBC/Q 2011 Scottish Building Contract with Quantities
390 SBC/XQ 2011 Scottish Building Contract without Quantities
391 SBC/AQ 2011 Scottish Building Contract with Approximate Quantities
392 MW/Scot 2011 Minor Works Contract
393 MWD/Scot 2011 Minor Works Contract with Contractor’s Design
394 DB/Scot 2011 Design & Build Contract
395 SBC/Sub/A/Scot 2011 Standard Building Sub-Contract Agreement
396 SBC/SUB/D/A/SCOT 2011 SBC Sub-Contract with Sub-Contractor’s Design Agree
397 SBC/Sub/C/ 2011 Standard Building Sub-Contract Conditions
398 SUB/D/C/SCOT 2011 SBC Sub-Contract with Sub-Contractor’s Design Conditions
399 SBC/G/SCOT 2011 Standard Building Contract Guide 2011
400 DB/G/SCOT 2011 Design and Build Contract Guide 2011
401 MW SUB/D/SCOT 2011 MW Sub Contract with Sub-Contractor’s Design
402 SHORT SUB/SCOT 2011 Short Form of Sub-Contract
403 SUB/SUB/SCOT 2011 Sub-Sub Contract
404 SUB/G/SCOT 2011 Sub-Contract Guide
405 DB SUB/A/SCOT 2011 Design & Build Sub Contract Agreement
406 DB SUB/C/SCOT 2011 Design & Build Sub-Contract Conditions
407 DB SUB/G/SCOT 2011 Design & Build Sub-Contract Guide



A small selection of older versions are available.

Superseded contracts cannot be purchased online. Please contact the bookshop on 0131 229 7545 or email for availability and prices.