Architects on Dwelling

On August 31st 2022 we held an event to celebrate the extraordinary book 'Architects on Dwelling' edited by Chris Platt, and contributor Miranda Webster. The event was hosted by RIAS CEO Tamsie Thomson.

While most books on architecture focus on the architectural outcome itself, 'Architects on Dwelling' takes a close look at how that outcome is created. To design any kind of dwelling, architects draw on both their reservoir of ideas as well as their own experiences as fellow inhabitants of such structures. This book explores how architects design the places we inhabit and how those places in turn inform the manner in which we live, in ways beyond lifestyle and personal taste.


It was great to open our doors to customers, members and friends and welcome them into our beautiful building. The discussion prompted excellent questions and important conversations about how 'Architects on Dwelling' reminds us how profoundly the place we live in matters to our wellbeing, and of the social responsibility architects have in creating the built environment in general and dwellings in particular.
We have only a couple of copies signed by Chris - don't miss out!
‘Architects on Dwelling’ is available to purchase at the special price of £25 here
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