Infrastructural Love

On the 25th of May, we held an event for "Infrastructural Love," edited by Sepideh Karami and Adrià Carbonell. The book features critical essays and creative research projects with contributions from artists, architects, designers, and academics, each offering a different perspective on how infrastructure shapes our lives and relationships.
At the event, Sepideh Karami and Adrià Carbonell spoke about the inspiration behind the book and the collaborative effort that went into producing it. They shared stories about the contributors and the process of curating the book, which took over two years.
Guests were welcomed to share their thoughts on the book's themes and ideas and they discussed the impact that infrastructure has on our daily lives and relationships, and how love can be a powerful force in shaping our built environment.
‘Infrastructural Love' is available to purchase at the special price of £36.50 here
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