Mousa to Mackintosh by Frank Walker

This week we held a BookshopLATES... event for "Mousa to Mackintosh" by Frank Arneil Walker.  The book is a captivating exploration of Scottish architecture, delving into its chronology, celebrated architects, and the essence of 'Scottishness'

 Scotland's architectural heritage is a tapestry woven with diverse influences, spanning centuries of history and cultural evolution. In his enlightening book, "Mousa to Mackintosh," author Frank Arneil Walker embarks on a captivating journey, meticulously examining the distinct and recurring elements that define Scottish architecture. From ancient brochs to modernist marvels, Walker paints a comprehensive picture of the ever-evolving 'Scottishness' in architectural design. This exploration delves into the fascinating relationship between national characteristics and international influences, ultimately unraveling the essence of Scottish architecture.

As the narrative progresses, we are transported through time, exploring the grandeur of classical country houses and the imposing baronial tower-houses that emerged during the medieval period. These architectural gems symbolise the fusion of Scottish tradition and European influences, showcasing the nation's unique adaptability to international styles.

Walker shines a spotlight on the works of influential architects who have left an indelible mark on Scotland's architectural landscape. Among these visionaries, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Robert Adam, Basil Spence, and Robert Lorimer stand out as true pioneers of their time.

It was great to open our doors to customers, members and friends and welcome them into our beautiful building. 
‘Mousa to Mackintosh' is available to purchase at the special price of £30 here
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