Jane's Walk 2023

Have you ever taken a stroll through your neighbourhood and wondered about its history and the stories that make it unique? If so, you might have be interested in joining Jane's Walk, a global movement that encouraged people to explore and celebrate their communities through guided walks.

Jane's Walks take place in hundreds of cities worldwide every year during the first weekend of May. These walks were named in honor of Jane Jacobs, an urban activist and writer who believed that cities should be designed for people, not cars. She advocated for neighbourhoods that were walkable, diverse, and connected communities.

The walks are led by volunteers who are passionate about their neighborhoods and are eager to share their knowledge and experiences with others. Participants learn about the history, architecture, culture, and hidden gems of their communities.

On May 5th, 2023, the West End of Edinburgh hosted a Jane's Walk that started at 2 pm at Binns Clock, located at the Johnnie Walker building at the corner of Princes Street and Queensferry Street. The walk lasted for an hour and a half, with plenty of stops along the way, and concluded at RIAS Bookshop for tea and coffee.

Participating in Jane's Walk is an excellent way to explore your community and connect with your neighbours. By walking, participants not only improve their physical health but also built social connections and supported local businesses.

If you missed the Jane's Walk West End this year, keep an eye out for next year's event and consider joining to discover the stories and history of your neighborhood. Remember, Jane's Walks were organised and led by volunteers, so if you were passionate about your community, you could have considered volunteering to lead a walk next year.