Against Landlords: How to Solve the Housing Crisis

Against Landlords: How to Solve the Housing Crisis

Nick Bano
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Housing means prosperity and security for some; poverty, precarity and sickness for others. More people live in private rented accommodation than ever before, and rents rise without apparent reason. Homes are smaller every year, and nearly 20 per cent of tenants live in hazardous conditions.

Homelessness is at a new high. Yet the government's only solution is to promote homeownership. Against Landlords shows that this crisis is not the product of happenstance or political incompetence.

Government policy has intentionally split British citizens into homeowners and renters, two classes set on very different financial paths. In the UK, one out of every twenty-one adults is a landlord, and it is this group, and those who aspire to join it, represented by the political class. In his radical new interpretation of the housing crisis, lawyer Nick Bano explains how this environment set the conditions for the Grenfell Tower fire and how it means a life of anxiety for the nation's renters.

It is a problem that stretches far beyond London and one inherently racist in nature. Building more housing is not the solution. It is firstly a problem of the law, Bano argues, and reforms must sweep away the landlordism at the heart of the housing crisis and British political life.


    Author: Nick Bano

    Publisher: Verso

    Format: Hardback

    Pages: 240

    ISBN: 9781804293874

    Publication Date: March 2024