Good Practice Guide: Fees

Good Practice Guide: Fees

Stephen Brookhouse
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Architects are finding the procurement landscape increasingly complex and competitive. This book shows practitioners the ways that fees are calculated, negotiated and managed. It will increase your understanding of the different fee-earning roles for architects, professional services contracts, how to calculate sustainable fee levels and improve negotiation skills. It also includes information on how to monitor and manage fees and the resources required to deliver projects, managing change in the scope of the project and related services, where to add value and to highlight risk areas that may impact on sustaining the business. Case studies explain good and bad practice to illustrate effective fee management, drawn from the authors’ direct experience as practitioners and investigating client complaints.


    Author: Stephen Brookhouse

    Publisher: RIBA Publishing

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 136

    ISBN: 9781859469309

    Publication Date: February 2021