On the Trail of Patrick Geddes

On the Trail of Patrick Geddes

Walter Stephen
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From Princes Street looking up at the skyline of Edinburgh s Old Town, Ramsay Garden and the Outlook Tower shine like beacons above the grey city and provide a vibrant counterpoint to the brooding presence of the castle. The iconic view encapsulates the soul of Patrick Geddes and his vision for greening the environment and urban revitalisation. This guide is a voyage into the world of Patrick Geddes, giving us a fresh look at his life and his significance in the modern day. Follow the trails in Edinburgh, Perth and Ballater, see how Geddes was connected to locations further afield like India and discover the impact and ideas of the great Scottish genius whose Outlook Tower was the world s first sociological laboratory .


Author: Walter Stephen

Publisher: Luath Press

Format: Paperback

Pages: 149

ISBN: 9781913025434

Publication Date: March 2020