RETHINK Design Guide: Architecture for a post-pandemic world

RETHINK Design Guide: Architecture for a post-pandemic world

Nicola Gillen
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The world has changed.

How will society emerge post-pandemic? Will we take the opportunity to reset the status quo? And, if so, what possibilities are there for architects to take the initiative in designing this new world?

This innovative design guide draws together expert guidance on designing in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic for key architectural sectors: housing, workplace, civic and cultural, hospitality, education, infrastructure and civic placemaking. It provides design inspiration to architects on how they can respond to the challenges and opportunities of a post-pandemic environment and how architects ensure they are at the forefront of the best design in this new world. Looking at each sector in turn, it covers the challenges specific to each, and how delivering these designs might differ from the pre-pandemic world.

As well as post-pandemic design, the vital issue of climate change will be threaded through each sector, with many cross-overs between designing for the climate emergency and designing for a world after a pandemic. Both seek to make the world a safer, happier and more resilient place.

Written by set of contributing design experts, this book is for all architects, whether sole practitioners or working in a larger practice. As well as inspirational design guidance, it also provides client perspectives – crucial for understanding how clients are planning for the future too.

Contributors include:

  • Nicola Gillen
  • Helen Taylor
  • Sumita Singha
  • Ian Taylor
  • Julia Park
  • Adam Scott
  • Sarah Featherstone
  • Pippa Nissen


Author: Nicola Gillen

Publisher: RIBA Publishing

Format: Paperback

Pages: 244

ISBN: 9781859469804

Publication Date: February 2021