The Architecture of Inverness - An Illustrated Architectural Guide

The Architecture of Inverness - An Illustrated Architectural Guide

Calum Maclean
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Discover the extraordinary story of Inverness told through its architecture. From prehistoric monuments to castles and contemporary architecture, the buildings of Inverness tell a unique story of the rise and fall of merchant princes and clan chiefs. The city has engaged with the latest intellectual, economic and political ideas throughout every period of its history in order to shape and control its own destiny. Once a centre for regional power that rivalled Edinburgh, at different times and in different ways, its influence has been felt far beyond the Highlands. Architecture is the key to unlocking the hidden world beneath the surface of this enigmatic city. The Architecture of Inverness brings together 4000 years of architecture in one beautifully illustrated hardback volume with an in-depth commentary of architectural detail and historic context.


About the author

Calum Maclean is a practising architect with advanced accreditation in conservation of historic buildings. He was raised in the Highlands before leaving to study architecture at Edinburgh College of Art. He now lives and works in Inverness helping to preserve and restore its historic buildings and monuments. Calum’s in-depth knowledge of the area’s nuanced and complex heritage provides readers with a unique insight to the city and its historic development. He reveals the evolution of design ideas and the ingenuity and talent of its architects and engineers in addressing the challenges of climate and terrain.


Author: Calum Maclean

Publisher: Aiteas 

Format: Hardback

Pages: 336

ISBN: 9781916389106

Publication Date: June 2020