An Amazing History Atlas of Scotland

An Amazing History Atlas of Scotland

David MacPhail, Anders Frang (Illustrator)
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Did you know that long ago Scotland was buried under a layer of ice one kilometre thick? That Orkney's neolithic village of Skara Brae is older than the Great Pyramid in Egypt? Or that, in order to take back Roxburgh Castle, Robert the Bruce's soldiers disguised themselves as cows? From Neolithic settlers and Viking invaders, to Jacobite rebels, great Enlightenment thinkers and World War II evacuees, this fun and fascinating historical atlas takes readers on a tour through time and place. Discover how Scotland's islands, Highlands, cities, castles and crofts connect to the most amazing moments in this nation's rich history. Packed with interesting and informative facts from David MacPhail, and brilliantly vibrant illustrations by Anders Frang, An Amazing Illustrated History Atlas of Scotland will bring history to life for young readers.

Author: David MacPhail, Anders Frang (Illustrator)

Publisher: Floris Books

Format: Hardback

Pages: 44

ISBN: 9781782508632

Publication Date: September 2023