Architects on Dwelling

Architects on Dwelling

Christopher Platt
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While most books on architecture focus on the architectural outcome itself, Architects on Dwelling takes a close look at how that outcome is created. To design any kind of dwelling, architects draw on both their reservoir of ideas as well as their own experiences as fellow inhabitants of such structures. This book explores how architects design the places we inhabit and how those places in turn inform the manner in which we live, in ways beyond lifestyle and personal taste.

Through contributions by Stephen Hoey, Henry McKeown & Ian Alexander, James Mitchell, Stacey Philips, Christopher Platt, Adrian Stewart, and Miranda Webster-most of whom are Scotland-based practitioners as well as teachers in The Glasgow School of Art-it reveals the unique values and qualities that inform their design processes.In their essays, they focus mostly on one exemplary building, explaining how and why they design the way they do. Dick van Gameren, Simon Henley, and Graeme Hutton, distinguished experts and themselves architect-educators, place this work within an international context and provide insightful comment about what these design approaches inform us about contemporary design in Scotland. Complemented with a wide range of images, these essays both illuminate the architects' motivations and inspirations and celebrate their featured works.

Taken as a whole, Architects on Dwelling reminds us how profoundly the place we live in matters to our wellbeing, and of the social responsibility architects have in creating the built environment in general and dwellings in particular.

          Editor: Christopher Platt

          Publisher: Park books

          Format: Paperback

          Pages: 144

          ISBN: 9783038602385 

          Publication Date: April 2022