Art from Gallery TEN - Herbarium I (Christine Wylie)

Art from Gallery TEN - Herbarium I (Christine Wylie)

Christine Wylie
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We are delighted to be working with Paul Musgrove at Gallery TEN and exhibit pieces from him incredible architectural selection.

Whilst grounded in the disciplines of drawing and painting, Christine Wylie’s formal investigation into the arrangement of monochromatic space has led her to concentrate almost exclusively on the study of printmaking.

Her series of photogravure prints is the culmination of a process-based methodology, where self-constructed geometric compositions are photographed under natural light and processed into etchings using solar plates. The resulting images, imbued with subtlety and softness, suggest presence and absence, space and non-space.

Graduating from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA (Drawing and Painting) and an MFA (Art, Space & Nature), she has participated in several residences, initiated a collective artwork publication, and works extensively with academic institutions and artists societies.

Christine Wylie will be part of a mixed exhibition, Flora Depicta, this July. Please contact the gallery for more information.

Artist: Christine Wylie

Medium: etching (photogravure)

Number of Editions: 10 (1 available)

Signed: Yes

Framed: No (Framing available, please contact)

Size: 32.5 x 37 cm unframed