Art from Gallery TEN - La Central Jean II (Bronwen Sleigh)

Art from Gallery TEN - La Central Jean II (Bronwen Sleigh)

Bronwen Sleigh
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We are delighted to be working with Paul Musgrove at Gallery TEN and exhibit pieces from him incredible architectural selection.

Bronwen Sleigh is a multi-disciplinary artist who takes inspiration from industrial architecture, unused and forgotten urban spaces, and environments at the edge of the city.  Her work provokes an extended and considered dialogue with these spaces, which she transforms through the processes of her practice.  Sleigh’s work explores space rather than describing it, challenging perceptions of the ordinary by presenting it in an unfamiliar way.

Artist: Bronwen Sleigh

Medium: Lithograph

Number of Editions: 25 (1 available)

Signed: Yes

Framed: No

Size: 35 x 35 cm