Aspects of Edinburgh

Aspects of Edinburgh

Stewart Conn, John Knight (illustrator)
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'North-east the Firth, a bracelet merging with mist; south-west the Pentlands, sharply defined. Directly opposite, the Castle. A sudden gust makes me lose my footing. Gulls slip past, eyeing us disdainfully.' - From Arthur's Seat

The history and character of Edinburgh infuse every piece in Stewart Conn's new collection. Stewart's poems, paired with John Knight's beautifully detailed illustrations evoke the spirit of the city and its unique aspects. Knight's pieces are not simply illustrative. The poems and illustrations complement and enhance each other, showing us how the essence of the city infuses every stone.


    Author: Stewart Conn, John Knight (illustrator)

    Publisher: Scottish Street Press

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: TB

    ISBN: 9781910895283

    Publication Date: June 2019