Atlas of Unexpected Places: Haphazard Discoveries, Chance Places and Unimaginable Destinations

Atlas of Unexpected Places: Haphazard Discoveries, Chance Places and Unimaginable Destinations

Travis Elborough
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Traverse the globe and explore the extraordinary. This is a unique, enigmatic collection of 45 meticulously crafted maps for wandering off the beaten track. Embark on an armchair expedition across nations and marvel at astounding spots only ever stumbled upon by chance.

The profound histories and distinctive quirks of these happenstances are described in detail alongside evocative black and white photographs. The unexpected places include: Just Enough Room Island, an aptly named islet that defies spatial conventions The Purple Rock of Madeira, where shipwrecked lovers etched their love story into the annals of history The Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered one day by a wayward goat on a meandering path, guiding its keeper to unravel the mysteries of the past Vaseline, where the product that has become a household staple was accidentally discovered. Discover destinations both infamous and unknown, where haphazard means have conspired to shape our world's history. This is a tour through the quirks of fate and the marvels of chance.

In every tale and map, the world's most astounding, improbable, and, above all, unexpected locations, providing a captivating glimpse into the tapestry of human history and the unpredictability of our planet's hidden wonders. This literary voyage is an ode to the curious and the adventurous, celebrating the unexpected marvels that define our world. This is a literary and visual adventure that will immerse you in far-off lands and obscure discoveries, offering a unique perspective on the world's hidden treasures.


Author: Travis Elborough

Format: Paperback

Pages: 224

ISBN: 9780711290815

Publication Date: January 2024