Basics Masonry Construction - 2nd Edition

Basics Masonry Construction - 2nd Edition

Nils Kummer
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Recommended for Students of Architecture

Masonry construction is usually the first building exercise the student encounters in his or her training. This volume elaborates the fundamental principles of scale, construction, and assembly of building components using simple masonry structures as examples.


  • materials and measurements
  • building physics and load-bearing structures
  • typical bonds
  • building components
  • execution of masonry structures

The present volume aims to introduce students systematically to the subject of masonry. Bricks and mortar, the elemental basic components, are used to devise rules for building a wall. The emphasis is on the overall systems and material-dependent properties. The interplay of bricks, the forms of masonry bonds, and the aesthetic of masonry with wall apertures, projections and recesses are explained soundly and methodically so that students can understand the essence of masonry and apply their insights directly to their designs and projects.


Author: Nils Kummer

Publisher: Birkhäuser

Format: Paperback

Pages: 72

ISBN: 9783035623109

Publication Date: October 2021