Behind the Privet Hedge

Behind the Privet Hedge

Michael Gilson
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It is said that Britain is a nation of gardeners; the suburban garden, with its roses and privet hedges, is widely admired and copied across the world. But it is little understood how millions across the nation developed an obsession with their colourful plots of land. Behind the Privet Hedge explores the history of this development and how, despite their stereotype as symbols of dull, middle-class conformity, these new open spaces were seen as a tool to help bring about social change in the early twentieth century.

The book restores to the story a remarkable but long-forgotten figure, Richard Sudell, who spent a lifetime 'evangelizing' that the garden be in the vanguard of progress towards a new egalitarian society.


    Author: Michael Gilson

    Publisher: Reaktion Books

    Format: Hardback

    Pages: 336

    ISBN: 9781789148602

    Publication Date: May 2024