Best Practices in Development: ULI Award-Winning Projects 2009

Best Practices in Development: ULI Award-Winning Projects 2009

Theodore Thoerig
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Profiling the premier commercial and residential project accomplishments made throughout the world, this informative and exclusive insider guide instructs prospective urban developers on how to successfully develop architectural designs that are economically viable, aesthetically pleasing, and valuable to local communities. Generously illustrated with emphasis on sustainability and contemporary relevance, each featured project is either a winner or finalist for the prestigious ULI Award for Excellence—an annual prize based on financial viability, the resourceful use of land, overall design, and sensitivity to the community and environment. Accompanied by detailed photographic documentation, comprehensive development stories, project data, and ruminations on the challenges faced and lessons learned throughout the stages of planning and construction, this instructional manual is an invaluable resource for professional architects, urban planners, and real estate developers.


Author: Theodore Thoerig

Publisher: Urban Land Institute

Format: Hardback

Pages: 215

ISBN: 9780874201376

Publication Date: October 2009