Climate Capitalism: Winning the Global Race to Zero Emissions

Climate Capitalism: Winning the Global Race to Zero Emissions

Akshat Rathi
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A green economy is not only possible, it's profitable. In this vital antidote for climate anxiety, award-winning journalist Akshat Rathi uncovers ten unlikely heroes creating the key breakthroughs for a green economy. From the Chinese bureaucrat who did more to make electric cars a reality than Elon Musk, to the Danish students who helped to build the world's longest-operating wind turbine and the American oil executive building the technology that can reverse climate damages, we meet the people bending the emissions curve and making a prosperous future possible.

Bringing together business, politics, activism and technology, their stories show us the tools we need to solve the climate crisis, and how it's more profitable to save the world than destroy it.


Authors: Akshat Rathi

Publisher: John Murray

Format: Paperback

Pages: 272

ISBN: 9781529329940

Publication Date: June 2024