Collective Action! The Power of Collaboration and Co-Design

Collective Action! The Power of Collaboration and Co-Design

Rob Fiehn, Kyle Buchanan & Mellis Haward
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Buildings cannot be built without people working together.

Architects collaborate with other disciplines, other architects and even with the public. These take place every day, across multiple planning and design stages.

Small or emerging practices often suffer from a lack of resources, but what if we pooled our collective resources, sharing knowledge and experiences?

Collaborative architecture begins in the design studio, and the relationship between academia and practice can create a symbiosis that is fundamental to the careers of young and more established architects.

It provides a space to develop and test approaches outside of routine commercial pressures, using research to yield new approaches that further the impact of the architecture sector more widely.

By cooperating, we can facilitate a good design process can lay the foundation for a better form of architecture that provides greater diversity and a plurality of voices.

This volume showcases how practices have the potential to adapt, remain resilient and harness collective power to become greater than the sum of their parts.

The future is bright for architects if they can unite.

Take Collective Action!


    Editors: Rob Fiehn, Kyle Buchanan & Mellis Haward

    Publisher: RIBA Publishing

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 130

    ISBN: 9781914124907

    Publication Date: April 2023