Glasgow Domestic Building Details – Vol 3 - Villa

Glasgow Domestic Building Details – Vol 3 - Villa

Zoe Herbert. Mark Baines (Introduction)
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Volume Three of the Alexander Thomson Society’s domestic building survey

The third book, ‘Villa’, focusses on Thomson’s surviving villas in Glasgow. As with the previous publication, Villa begins with a remarkably in-depth introductory essay by Society Chair, Mark Baines, on the history of the villa and Thomson’s outstanding contribution to the typology. There are also a series of maps we have produced to show the distribution of Thomson’s remaining domestic buildings in the city. 

The main body of the publication comprises a detailed surveys of a number of villas, exploring each individual detailed element to the exterior of these buildings. Many of the measured drawings that feature throughout the book have been realistically rendered in order to reflect the quality and depth of the intricately designed features. 

Author: Zoe Herbert. Mark Baines (Introduction)

Publisher: The Alexander Thomson Society

Format: Paperback

Pages: 174

ISBN: 9781999650025

Publication Date: 2021