Discovering Architecture

Discovering Architecture

Eduard Altarriba, Berta Bardí I Milà
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Who built the first houses? What's the difference between an arch and an architrave? How does a dome stay up? Who invented concrete? Can you build a house from paper? If you want to know more about the buildings around you, this entertaining illustrated guide is a perfect introduction to architecture around the world. From the mud huts of ancient history to today's towering edifices, you can explore iconic buildings and find out more about the people who created them. You'll also discover the development of different building materials, from mud and straw to paper, steel and reinforced concrete.


Author: Eduard Altarriba, Berta Bardí I Milà

Publisher: Button Books

Format: Hardback

Pages: 47

ISBN: 9781787080287

Publication Date: May 2019