Dracula Park

Dracula Park

Dana Grigorcea, Imogen Taylor (translator)
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In post-Communist Romania, on the border with Transylvania, the sleepy little town of B. is losing its young people to the West. A young painter returned from Paris and her eccentric great-aunt seem unconcerned with the decline of the town, until a mutilated corpse is found in the family crypt of Prince Vlad the Impaler, better known as Dracula.

As the world's attention turns to B., the mayor and his son take advantage and turn the town into a vampire-inspired theme park. Tourists flock, but beneath the surface ancient horrors live on. Dracula Park by Dana Grigorcea is a breathtaking, atmospheric tale of revenge, extremism and the longing for a strong leader, for a strict, cruel judge - like Dracula.


Author: Dana Grigorcea, Imogen Taylor (translator)

Publisher: Sandstone Press

Format: Paperback

Pages: 256

ISBN: 9781914518218

Publication Date: August 2023