Drawing Attention: Architecture in the Age of Social Media

Drawing Attention: Architecture in the Age of Social Media

Hamza Shaikh
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How did you do that drawing? What software did you use? What's your process?

You may have found yourself asking these questions about a striking architectural drawing.

In recent years, social media has become a primary source of expression for architects and designers, yet there isn't always the means to find out how their works became reality.

Giving you a peek behind the illustrative curtain, this book demystifies the process and technique that created some of the most outstanding drawings in your feed.

Offering lessons that many universities don't teach, it's an essential guide for architecture students and designers, featuring profiles from highly regarded illustrators, thinkers, and emerging architectural influencers.

Covering a mix of styles, concepts and mediums, it gives a detailed breakdown of a diverse range of drawing processes alongside technical tips and concept inspirations.

Whether you're a flourishing student or established professional:

This is your guide to drawing attention.


    Editor: Hamza Shaikh

    Publisher: RIBA Publishing

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 232

    ISBN: 9781914124389

    Publication Date: February 2023