Edinburgh Castle for Kids - Fun Facts & Amazing Activities

Edinburgh Castle for Kids - Fun Facts & Amazing Activities

Moreno Chiacchiera (artist), Historic Environment Scotland
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Explore Scotland's most famous castle -- home to kings and queens, the site of historic battles, and probably the best-known place in Scotland.

Published in partnership with history experts at Edinburgh Castle and Historic Environment Scotland, this fun, fact-packed book includes everything you need to know about the castle's 1000-year history:
-- Its most famous residents and treasures
-- Who attacked the castle, and who tried to defend it
-- Its dank dungeons and the prisoners who tried to escape
-- The terrible battles and incredible sieges
-- The secrets and the mysteries

Conveying fascinating facts through simple words and loads of historically accurate illustrations, Edinburgh Castle for Kids will appeal to a wide age range of young visitors from all over the world.

Each section includes a fun activity -- mazes, doodling and colouring, spot the difference, untangle, search and find and join the dots.

With a mix of brilliant facts and enjoyable activities, Edinburgh Castle for Kids is the ultimate guide for kids to Scotland's most famous landmark -- whether you've visited or not!

Author: Moreno Chiacchiera (artist), Historic Environment Scotland

Publisher: Floris Books

Format: Paperback

Pages: 28

ISBN: 9781782505631

Publication Date: March 2019