Eugene the Architect

Eugene the Architect

Thibaut Rassat
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Eugene the architect designs buildings that are incredibly straight and orderly. He is very proud of his latest work—an enormous house with perfectly perpendicular walls and windows. One day he is surprised to find a tree growing in what will be the house's living room. Instead of cutting it down, Eugene studies the tree, marveling at the way its branches, roots, leaves, and trunk grow in elegant proportions. Suddenly, Eugene sees nature in an entirely new way—not as the opposite of precise order, but as something with its own type of perfection. Thibaut Rassat's playful illustrations introduce young readers to basic architectural and geometric principles while amusing them with Eugene's prickly personality and joyful discovery. They will come away with a new appreciation for architecture and for the unexpected twists and turns that make the natural world—and our life in it—so fascinating.


Author: Thibaut Rassat

Publisher: Prestel

Format: Hardback

Pages: 40

ISBN: 9783791374581

Publication Date: May 2021