Fragments of Glasgow

Fragments of Glasgow

Rosalie Menon
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The buildings featured in 'Fragments in Glasgow' are predominantly from the Victorian era when the city was experiencing rapid urban growth. This wealth and prosperity provided Glasgow architects with unprecedented opportunities to innovate with new techniques and to collaborate with talented local craftsmen using the finest quality building materials.

Through a snapshot of stunning colour photographs, accompanied by simple historical descriptions, this book celebrates some of the impressive conservation, creativity, and investment undertaken to repurpose these architectural treasures, and weave these historical fragments into the urban fabric of the post-industrial 21st Century Glasgow.

Written and produced by a Glasgow born architect, 'Fragments of Glasgow' will appeal to both those who have a connection with the city and to those who have an interest in finding out more about its beautiful stone buildings and the social history of Glasgow they represent.


Author: Rosalie Menon

Publisher: Eat Sleep Architecture

Format: Hardback

Pages: 296

ISBN: 9781919613604

Publication Date: September 2022