Good Practice Guide: Adjudication

Good Practice Guide: Adjudication

Mair Coombes-Davis
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Using accessible language, and a simple question and answer format, this Good Practice Guide makes clear the complex procedure of resolving a dispute through adjudication. Showing how it is essential to understand the law as it relates to adjudication, the book takes the reader through each stage of the adjudication process, beginning with adjudication agreements, oral and written contracts, and how to have an adjudicator nominated, through to the adjudication itself, and consideration of costs and how to enforce a decision.

This guide will be indispensible for all those wishing to act safely, cost-effectively and efficiently in an area that is becoming increasingly important to all those involved in the built environment.


    Author: Mair Coombes-Davis

    Publisher: RIBA Publishing 

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 144

    ISBN: 9781859463956

    Publication Date: October 2011