Great American City: Chicago and the Enduring Neighborhood Effect

Robert J. Sampson
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Great American City demonstrates the powerfully enduring impact of place.  

Based on one of the most ambitious studies in the history of social science, Robert J. Sampson’s Great American City presents the fruits of over a decade’s research to support an argument that we all feel and experience every day: life is decisively shaped by your neighbourhood.

Engaging with the streets and neighbourhoods of Chicago, Sampson reflects on local and national changes that have transpired since his book’s initial publication, including a surge in gun violence and novel forms of segregation despite an increase in diversity. New research, much of it a continuation of the influential discoveries in Great American City, has followed, and here, Sampson reflects on its meaning and future directions. Sampson invites readers to see the status of the research initiative that serves as the foundation of the first edition—the Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods (PHDCN)—and outlines the various ways other scholars have continued his work.


Author: Robert J. Sampson

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

Format: Paperback

Pages: 560

ISBN: 9780226834009

Publication Date: April 2024