Materials: An Environmental Primer

Materials: An Environmental Primer

Hattie Hartman & Joe Jack Williams
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The environmental impacts of construction are momentous. How can architects minimise these by making responsible material choices? Material choices have a global impact. The design and construction industry are responsible for 39% of all carbon emissions in the world.

Despite the great desire among architects to address this, it can be difficult to compare materials directly, let alone understand the repercussions of selecting materials for use in different parts of a building or of sourcing them from across the world. Showcasing the latest thought leadership from subject experts across the industry, this primer sets out the various considerations and parameters for specifying a particular material. It empowers architects with the knowledge of which materials are available, how best to use them, and what their future holds as the industry continues to innovate.

Each chapter will be devoted to a single material and will consider environmental impacts holistically, looking at health and biodiversity impacts, among other issues.
  • Chapters written by subject experts, including: Duncan Baker-Brown, Carol Costello, Graham Coult, Barbara Jones, Rowland Keable, Bruce Martin, Michael Stacey and Oliver Wilton.
  • Mainstream and burgeoning materials, including: aluminium, bamboo, brick, concrete, cork, hemp, mycelium, plastics, steel, stone and timber.


Authors: Hattie Hartman & Joe Jack Williams

Publisher: RIBA Publishing

Format: Paperback

Pages: 208

ISBN: 9781915722218

Publication Date: January 2024