Modern Methods of Construction and Innovative Materials

Modern Methods of Construction and Innovative Materials

Arthur Lyons
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This new textbook has two main themes. The first is Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) which is the off-site manufacture of a wide spectrum of products, ranging from whole buildings to be transported onto site, down to smaller units or components for site integration. The second theme describes the innovation and progress towards carbon zero by the major generators of CO2 in the construction industry – namely cement, steel and masonry.

The first section of the book describes and illustrates with photographs, the major forms of Modern Methods of Construction. These include fully completed 3D units, panelised systems, pods, sub-assemblies and on-site MMC. The section on Innovative Materials then describes a wide range of construction products which are entering into the built environment sector.

Some new entrants are variants on well-established construction materials such as steel and concrete. Materials such as these will remain major construction materials for the foreseeable future, but their composition and manufacturing processes will inevitably have to change. Timber also will remain a major construction material, but sustainable sourcing is key and its utilisation as cross-lamination timber (CLT) or as modified timber is rapidly developing.

As a result, students and practitioners must familiarise themselves with these materials, their composition, and various uses. The book goes on to describe variants of other traditional building products, such as glass, plastic and insulation, which are undergoing major developments leading towards enhanced environmental sustainability, as well as many emergent materials, some of which are likely to be significant in future. Modern Methods of Construction and Innovative Materials is the only book combining these important elements of the future of the industry in an easy-to-read guide for students and new practitioners.

It is essential reading for anyone studying and working in the built environment, be they architects, construction managers, surveyors or engineers.



Author: Arthur Lyons

Publisher: Routledge

Format: Paperback

Pages: 240

ISBN: 9781032414829

Publication Date: April 2024